The Smart Phone – An Important Tool for the Transition

Most of the Tools for the Transition that I write about here are techniques to learn. This one is a physical tool. The smart phone may be the most empowering tool for the transition and many people already have it. The smart phone symbolizes the transition because it is naturally Smartphonesreorganizing the way we work, live and play. Everything discussed here is true of iPhones, Androids and the others.

Its key benefit is miniaturization. Apps on the smartphone effectively replace a long list of other devices: dictaphone, camera, radio, TV, web browser, recording studio, editing suites, movie theater, GPS, word processor, spreadsheet, stereo, flashlight, card games, video games, medical devices, maps, dictionaries, translators, textbooks (w/ educators included) and on and on. Oh yes, they still work as a phones and texting devices.

Combining devices into one creates some key benefits:

  • Everyone is a reporter – People posted images of the 2005 London Subway bombing to social media. Those present became instant reporters and opened the age of “the whole world is watching”.
  • Creating a whole new canvas for artists – smart phones make creativity easier and even start whole new art forms.

Examples: food art and selfies

Check out Teju Cole’s fiction released on twitter

Creations can be anchored to locations by combining GPS and mp3. (Bluebrain)

  • An important tool of cooperation – they allow communication anywhere with anyone that is willing to participate.
  • There are Apps for every block of the abundance pyramid


Not ready for prime time YET

Some of the apps mentioned above are good enough to replace their stand-alone predecessors and some are poor substitutes. Moore’s Law means that smart phones are now smarter than the most sophisticated communications gear available to Bill Clinton when he was in the White House. The creative power of humanity means that the future of smart phones is barely imaginable, even by the “experts”.

What would you most like to see next on your smart phone?

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