So Long, Change Agent Publications

This was my blogging site for several years.  But I’m shutting it down at the end of March.

As you can seegoodbye, I haven’t posted in nearly 2 years and I stopped posting regularly at the end of 2016.

My thinking has evolved and my web presence needs to evolve with it.

  1. I’m still about Abundance – Sustainable Abundance.  Check out my newest site, the Sustainable Abundance Network to find out about how you can participate!
  2. I am still railing against the evils of debt at Debt Hackers check it out, too!
  3. My books are still available at Amazon.

Going forward, this is how I am going to execute on my mission statement:

Creating Sustainable Abundance through financial education that eliminates the scarcity mindset and debt slavery!

All the best,

Cliff the Change Agent



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