Moving, the Ultimate Test of Non-attachment

There is nothing that tests your commitment to non-attachment like moving. It is clearly a test of many of the principles from the Understanding Change part of “Become a Change Agent”. I am in the middle of a move that is driven by a new job. I will resume my scheduled blogging once I have the office set up in the new house – about a month from now.moving_truck

Here is a list of the things that I gave up:

My old job – well duh!

My old house – It is amazing how much you come to love a physical space. We are actually down-sizing even though our Realtor would disagree. (Not enough closet space was a constant mantra during the house hunt – downsizing also shouldn’t mean having to buy a complete new set of furniture.)

A lot of my “stuff” – Ben Franklin said that 3 moves equals a fire. That is true but you can control what burns if you are organized. We have donated, sold and thrown out probably a quarter of our physical possessions. One positive side effect is giving family heirlooms to relatives. Don’t wait to die before you do that! Do it while you can be there to watch them enjoy the things that evoke good memories!

Austin – The town means more to me than I can begin to say. Part of Austin’s charm is that it is in a constant state of rebirth, driven by the the young, creative people that flock there, stay a while and then move on.  It is simply our time to move on.  The environment allowed me to thrive personally, professionally and spiritually.

Not everything changes amid all this transition.

My professional responsibilities are similar even though I am performing them for a different organization.

We ARE keeping the vast majority of our stuff.

Facebook now allows me to keep up with (and reconnect with) friends regardless of their geographical location.

Then there is the trivial.  I got a really NICE computer bag with my brand new, company-issued laptop. I made the conscious decision that even the Change Agent could only handle so much change so I stuffed that new computer in my existing back pack.

What experiences have caused you to practice non-attachment?


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