Moving – Massive Personal Change, Part 1

This particular post is a very personal account of the massive personal change that occurs when you move. Many of you know that Karen and I left Austin after 12 years and moved to San Antonio. The last couple of months have been quite an ordeal.

If you have read the Become A Change Agent books, understand that I practice what I preach. We made extensive use of Vision and the MoveMapFramework. You should also recognize the 80/20 rule, Now, Pivot, Law of Attraction and other principles described in the books!

It happened really fast. I  interviewed for the position on June 19 and gave notice to my old employer on June 28. Things really got going on July 6 when we moved our first load of stuff to storage in San Antonio and had lunch with Tammara Alarcon.

The distance from our old driveway in Austin to the parking lot of my new job is only an 85 mile journey down Interstate 35. That distance is also a whole different world. The 2 cities are very different in ways that I am still discovering.

Picking a new place to live is the biggest task after deciding to move. I had to gauge the relative strength of real estate markets. Luckily, I knew someone – Tammara Alarcon, a Real Estate Broker I worked with for several years, moved her family to San Antonio 2 years ago and does business in both cities. She immediately helped us define our requirements, formulate a plan and warned us of pitfalls to avoid.

We made the decision to list the Austin house and search for a place in San Antonio at the same time. The first person that looked at our Austin house made an offer that we accepted. We (well Karen) looked at MANY houses in San Antonio.

Meanwhile, I started my job in San Antonio on July 22. My weeks went something like this: Sunday, we loaded up my car with stuff that could be put in storage in San Antonio. Monday, drive to SA, offload and be in the office by 8:30 am. Spend Monday-Thursday  in a hotel, drive back to Austin after work on Friday. There were LOTS of variations. It took 3 tries to find an inexpensive hotel that I liked enough to call (temporary) home.  That would be the Super 8 - 6 Flags (more on that in Part 2).

We made an offer on a house that was rejected and it became clear in the counter-offer process we were not going to make a deal.  The “sell” real estate deal was progressing and the buyer agreed to allow us a long contract period to give us time to vacate. We made an offer on a second house that was negotiated into a contract. The Plan became a double-closing on Friday the 13th.

The next point in my outline is “Getting rid of stuff and attachments” but I made a couple of posts on that subject DURING the transition, “Am I Really Attached to That?” and “Moving, the Ultimate Test of Non-Attachment“.  It is now a couple of weeks after the end of this story and I am still detaching from Austin.

We really did get rid of (mostly via trips to Goodwill) about 25% of our stuff. But try as we might we couldn’t really downsize without REPLACING a lot of our furniture and giving up even more stuff because smaller houses means smaller rooms and fewer closets. That just wasn’t meant to be and Karen hired a mover for the bulk of our stuff.

Part 2  will pick up the story as we approached the closing date of September 13.

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