Lessons Learned from the Autumn of Abundance


You may know that we have embraced a Vision of the New Era that has 4 pillars: Health, Sustainability, Peace and Abundance. The plan for ushering in the New Era involves spending a particular season of the year focusing on each one. This was our first Autumn of Abundance because we only discovered Vision 2020 (detailed here) in September.

Abundance is the idea that every person can have their basic needs met, no matter how many of us live on this beautiful blue marble. Abundance is when everyone has the means of meeting their basic needs and the opportunity to pursue his or her potential.

Here is what I learned during the last couple of months:

  • The Abundance Pyramid is valid. It describes food, water and shelter in the bottom layer; energy, education and information/communications technology in the middle layer; health and freedom in the top layer.
  • Lack hides Abundance. Many of the myths we need to shed as a society surround lack. We go into debt for lack of the latest gadget. We go to war for lack of natural resources. We waste huge blocks of time in despair for lack of (fill in the blank here).
  • Gratitude is always in order. Gratitude is a way of celebrating your abundance. It needs to be practiced constantly by every person that wishes to participate in this wonderful New Era.
  • Random acts of kindness can backfire unless they come from the heart. I once had a mantra, “no good deed goes unpunished”. It should be, “Acts of kindness with ulterior motives have unexpected, usually negative consequences”.
  • Abundance means sharing when you have more than you need. This is hard when you are a seasoned baggage-carrier like me! Too much stuff (this includes material and non-material things) is a burden, not a blessing.
  • Clutter will fill any space you allocate to it.
  • The mantra, “Be the change you want to see in the World” has deeper meaning for me now!

The season has changed and it is now the Winter of Wellness. The work I did during the Autumn season made lasting improvements that allowed me to take a step or two into the new era.

What did you learn or do this Fall that made lasting changes?

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