Learning Man

Last weekend, I helped coordinate an expansive festival in Austin named Learning Man. LM2This was second time this festival has occurred. Learning Man is dedicated to peace but this year, the specific themes were cooperation, sustainability and peace. It unfolded over 4 days in multiple locations. Tricia EvolutionBelle Storie held the Vision of making Learning Man happen all over Austin.

Here are my recollections and thoughts.

Friday, May 3

Events happened in the West Campus area and were geared toward UT Students. The House of Commons Coop was our host, thanks to Grigor Kezele. Grigor gave us an in-depth look at cooperative housing, coop living and a tour of the House of Commons. There was a lot of idea sharing on topics ranging from traditional Native American Medicine Circles to the search for free energy.

Saturday, May 4aten_crop_thumbnail

The Austin Time Exchange Network produced the Exchange Fair at Learning Man. ATEN allows members to use time as an alternative currency. Amanda Jones, Sherri Mowry and I hosted this event. We signed up and oriented new members. Members, new and old could then take as many of the 15 workshops as their schedule allowed.

The Workshops ranged from Sustainable Design to Swedish Massage and topics in between like bicycle maintenance and Mariachi appreciation.  I did 3 workshops, “Don’t call it money”, “What’s a Change Agent, anyway?” and “Creating your own Personal Vision.”

Thanks also to the Soma Vida Work/Life Balance and Wellness Center for physically hosting us. There were gardening projects happening on the grounds at the same time that blended perfectly with the day.

Sunday, May 5Synco

LoveATX sponsored Sunday’s Sync-o de Mayo event which synchronized with Learning Man and the Cinco do Mayo holiday. Jenna Jasso did a fantastic job producing this event with the intention of helping all the various communities within Austin (permaculture, holistic health and wellness, intuitive, Yoga, and others showcase, synchronize and converge their efforts.

Monday, May 6

Monday was an add-on which was declared the expansion event. We met at the Learning Land which is a few miles out of Austin on the banks of the Lower Colorado River. It was a Carlos-Cedillo-Owl-10-300x225very casual day where we could talk, sing, drum and just generally hang out.

Carlos Cedillo closed the Festival with a Mayan Fire Ceremony. He is a Daykeeper Shaman in the Mayan tradition and he taught us a lot about the calendar, particularly the 260-day cycle.

I personally gained many insights from the entire set of events. I will be sharing them in more depth in later posts.

What Mind-Expanding Events have you attended recently?


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