It’s all about Abundance

“The collective journey is the coming of age metaphor for humanity from adolescence to adulthood. It is time to change the narrative so that we have stories of the journeys that go with being an adult”

~Maya Zuckerman

Welcome to the first post since Christmas.

It builds on ideas from our Spring Newsletter.  Not on the mailing list?  Just click that green button on the right.

I want to start by expressing gratitude to you, my readers. Thank you for taking the time to hear my message – my intention is to bring hope and light in a time that needs more of both. I want to add a special note of thanks to Regina Meredith. We had a conversation one Sunday morning in early March about how generalists (such as ourselves) have trouble finding focus. She proceeded to help me find mine – and it is Abundance.


The model and road map for Abundance that I embrace is a pyramid with 3 tiers. Each tier has building blocks, 8 blocks total. Together, they form a path to a world where everyone has at least the basics needed for survival and at the same time creates an environment that allows everyone to have an opportunity to reach their full potential.

Over time, Change Agent Publications has grown in several directions. Here are some of them:

Abundance and the Podcasts

Abundance is one of the 4 Pillars that both my podcasts, Jump to the Next Level and First Fix You, showcase. If you break the other 3 Pillars down, they are contained in Abundance as well. Health (aka wellness) is literally one of the building blocks of Abundance. Sustainability is a key part of all 3 blocks in the bottom layer (water, food, shelter) as well as the middle layer block of energy. The other 2 middle-layer blocks – Education and ICT are key enablers of Sustainability. My vision of freedom (half of the top layer) can’t happen without peace.

Debt Hackers

Debt Hackers’ mission is to reduce, eliminate and avoid debt. I believe debt is the key tool that is used to bind us to the old ways – the industrial age of scarcity and fear. It specifically binds us to the obsolete organizations of the Industrial Age. Eliminating that bond goes a long way toward achieving a world of Abundance.

Call to Action

This is a completely new mindset. We will have to think about remediation of the existing problems left over from the industrial age. There needs to be new curriculum to teach prevention so that we don’t repeat the same destructive behaviors.

The very first step to entering this Next Economy of the New Era is to be the exemplary example. There are so many existing maxims for this: Be the change you want to see in the world. Lead by example. You can think of many more. The practice of being the exemplary example raises the consciousness of those that come into your sphere of influence. It is that important

Abundance will work because we realize we are all connected. We all have a vested interest in elevating each other. It isn’t a tribal thing, it’s a Human thing.

Working together will require some of the old as well at the new. I want to add my voice to those calling for the “Classic Values” of Generosity, Compassion, Kindness, Courage, Truth, and Ethical Behavior.

Next time, we will focus on how Abundance influences Change Agent Publications specifically

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