Inspriation from TEDx San Antonio, Part 1

Editor’s note: This week, we dive into the talks at this year’s TEDx San Antonio that inspired me personally. They are organized by category.

Storytelling was a common theme in the morning sessionlearning

  • Sarah-Jane “S.J.” Murray taught us a lot about story design. Telling a story well involves using imagery that causes the entire brain to become engaged. Listeners are 22 times more likely to remember the story than a list of facts. The elements of a well-constructed story were identified by Aristotle and they are still true. SJ is a fellow-Baylorite and I was disappointed that I did not get a chance to speak with her informally.
  • John Lewis Lambert gave us an updated version of “all the world is a stage” He compared his work in Improv to that of an acrobat. Uncertainty is a given. His call to action: listen, live and give. Most important, we must have each other’s’ backs
  • Kori Ashton created art while she told her mother’s amazing story in overcoming the limitations that polio imposed on her body. The lesson was to never settle for the limitations the “experts” try to impose on you.


  • Leeza Dhalla made us understand what it feels like to grow up in the US (20 of her 26 years) only to discover as a junior in college that she is an illegal immigrant, fighting deportation from the only country she really knows. She discovered a system that is complex and arbitrary. Leeza’s talk was very emotional and did a wonderful job of putting us “in her shoes”.
  • Mark Bezos – All acts of courage matter, no matter the size. I will simply invite you to watch since the talk is available online.
  • Laurie Ann Guerrero is one of two San Antonio Poet Laureates. Her talk explored the lessons learned from the communities of our birth. I can’t wait for her talk to be posted so I can revisit her “What I learned” litany! I got to speak with her at length during the after party and I found her to be a remarkable young woman. She has a great personal story and will follow/support her career as she reaches heights that I doubt she can even yet imagine.

Regional Importance

  • Oscar Munoz introduced us to Colonias. They are unincorporated towns without basic water, sewage or other basic infrastructures. There are an identified 2,333 with half a million inhabitants. The overwhelming majority (85-97%) are US citizens. The third world exists inside the US Border. The myths, stereotypes and urban legends surrounding these communities mask much. We must ask, listen, guide and ask again to learn the real story.
  • Suzanne B Scott spoke for the San Antonio River
  • Chaco & Brance gave us a taste of Borderland Blues. The music was great. The conversation about seeing magic happen on stage revitalized my love of live music.


Next week, I will continue describing inspirations talks from the October 18 TEDx San Antonio.

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