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Here is the June 1, 2012 about the purpose of this blog.  It is still true.

Almost every aspect of life as we knew it ended in the last decade. A tidal wave of change swept the planet and resistance is futile (even deadly!) You can’t swim against this tide.

What is happening now is unprecedented – both in terms of the rate of change and the substance of the changes. Learning to cope with all this change requires a perspective that is not chained to things taught in a university graduate program or learned in a stint of government service. I think most of conventional science and analysis is fixated on increasingly obsolete (or flawed) models of reality.  Most experts will never be able to change their minds fast enough to effectively anticipate and offer reasonable suggestions of how to deal with what I believe is a rapid evolutionary jump in our species.
The convergence and coincidence of driving forces suggest that the conventional change that is growing all around us is at least in part derived from unconventional dynamics. The unusual things that are being reported point to the conclusion that has planet entered into a period of absolutely unprecedented change. We must embrace both the physical and the metaphysical if we wish to survive.
I gather and report information along 2 paths:
  1. Really bad news about how the present system is rapidly coming apart. We could spend time assigning blame (oh, there is a lot of blame to go around) or we can
  2. Explore the rather unconventional proposals for dealing with the situation because the “bad stuff” is outside our control.
The new game is not being played on the old field.
The Change Agent is here to teach you to about ADAPTATION! That means acquiring adaptation skills:
  • Setting up early warning signals that detect coming change   Oops, too late for that!
  • Understanding what particular changes mean for YOU.
  • Prepare for them by altering your behavior and putting new processes in place while there is still time.
  • This adds to your flexibility which makes you adaptable.  Adaptability is the new wealth!
I will teach you how to TRANSFORM in the right way! I align myself with VISIONARIES that spend most of their time thinking about the future and the trials that will get us there. Don’t get swept away by the tsunami!

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