Happy New Year from the Change Agent

We make our reality with intention and attention. New Year’s Resolutions (NYRs) are simply  a NYR1vehicle for harnessing the power of intention and attention.

I tend to actually keep my NYRs because I take time to formulate them for success. It looks like I have a lot of Resolutions this year but they really only fall into 5 categories – Better World, Career, Finance, Fun and Personal Development. There are only 1 “root resolution” each category. I have already chunked them as described in Step 3 of “Framework for Change“.


Your NYRs are yours alone and they need to be created by you. Here are some guidelines for how to do resolutions and or intentions.

  1. Get out of your Everyday to think about them. It is a lot easier to think about the “Big Picture” without the distractions of your day-to-day life.
  2. There is a key question to ask for each resolution, “Do they fit the Vision?”. NYRs are about focusing your time and energy.  Don’t waste either on things that are not part of your primary purpose.
  3. Will I actually keep them? Take an honest look at the NYR and see if you can commit. If not, drop it from the list.
  4. Are they Interesting? Will the NYR hold my attention? Frequently, this something important that has to be reworked so it is interesting as well.
  5. Ongoing actions or a goal? It is OK to have both.  They frequently complement each other. If it is a goal, set a deadline!
  6. Share. Let someone you trust know about your NYRs and gently hold you accountable.

 Springtime checkup

March or April is the perfect time to review your NYRs to see how you are doing. Discussion of the checkup is a subject for another day.

NYR2So, what are your Resolutions/intentions?

 May the New Year bring you and your loved ones immeasurable joy and abundance!

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