Gratitude and Going Quiet

Editor’s note: This is post number 61 since moving to this web site. It will also be the last weekly post in this format. Change Agent Publications is “going quiet” for the winter. A new and improved web site will re-launch in the spring.

My focus has already shifted to participating in the launch of PayCoin, the next generation of cryptocurrency. Watch my Social Media feeds Facebook and @CliffChange for details as they unfold! This is my way of “doing” instead of “reporting”. Blessings to you all! I will leave with excerpts about Gratitude from Become a Change Agent: Drive the Positive Change You Want For Yourself And The World! Part Two: Visions


Your Vision should bring you happiness. Being happy allows you to focus on the Now without effort. As you live your Vision, expressions of joy and gratitude should become a common part of your everyday life. Gratitude acknowledges the gifts that other people and external forces constantly bring to you. It also helps others validate their vision. Wouldn’t life be wonderful if everyone you come into contact with helps you elevate your Vision? This can happen because cause they are elevated by interactions with you. Make it so!

Hold joy, gratitude and an appreciation for beauty. This raises the vibrational level of not just you but of everyone around you.

(The fourth characteristic of a Change Agent) A Change Agent inspires others, primarily by sharing an infectious Vision and expressing the appropriate amount of gratitude.

Be Visionaries, my friends!

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