These three words get thrown around a lot. How do they relate? Do other words have almost the same meaning? The basic definitions clear up a lot!
A vision is a set of ideals – not a set of laws or rules. It is the overall goal of your efforts.Vision is immensely valuable in times when the obvious path is not clear. It is a guidepost or beacon to keep us from losing our way. Two upcoming parts of my Become a Change Agent book series deals with vision.
Strategy is a general plan or way of actions to achieve the vision. A strategy explains how advantages in resources are to be best used against vulnerabilities in barriers to reach objectives.  A vision needs one or more strategies. They are also called business models, distribution channels and lines of business in the commercial world.Step 1 of the Change Agent: Framework includes developing a strategy.

Bill Carson has an excellent blog on strategy.


A tactic is the tool to implement strategy. A tactic is specific action plan implemented as one or more specific tasks. Tactics are sometimes called other names like tools, methods, templates or processes. Steps 3 and 4 of the Change Agent: Framework go into tactics.

An Example

Rapid software development is the vision. Agile Development style is the strategy. Scrum, Pivot and Iterate are tactics. I write a lot more on this subject in my upcoming book, Become A Change Agent: Drive the positive change you want for yourself and the World! Part 3: The Framework.

Visions, strategies and tactics have something in common: they are meant to be used over and over again.

What is your personal vision?

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