1.    Set Sail toward your Vision

sailing and sunset

The first step is to create at least one strategy to realize your Vision.

2.  Now


There are two points in this step. The first is to focus on the present because now is the only time you can take action. The second point is that you must understand the current status of your efforts to realize your Vision.

3.   Path to Activating the Vision


The overall job of making your Vision a reality is huge, even with a good strategy. Use the power of the 80/20 rule and chunking to break your effort down into manageable tasks – and figure out which are key.

4.  Taking steps along the way

This step applies three concepts from Agile Development Methodology – Iteration, Pivot and Validated Learning – to accomplishing your tasks quickly.

5.  How do you Read the Roadmap?


If you are creative, there simply might not be a roadmap.  There are still ways to track your progress.

6.  Keep it Going!

Momentum builds with success. Embrace the magic that momentum creates.


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