Coming Soon – Foundation for Change: Part Three of the Become a Change Agent Series

My next book will be out late this month. Check out a sample:


 To achieve truly great things, you need a plan and not quite enough timeFramework.

~ Leonard Bernstein


You are excited about the Vision you created in the Part Two exercise. Or maybe you want to accomplish a big, change-driving project and it serves as your Vision for the moment. Now what? The Change Agent: Framework provides a six step plan to make your Vision, plan or project into a reality.

I have a lot of experience running businesses, leading people and most important – solving problems. The Change Agent: Framework has all the important elements needed to create change. It starts by defining your market and strategy, then continues with creating the key plan elements (creating a whole plan is actually wasteful) that harnesses not just your market but the change and uncertainty all around.

Each step is flexible enough to take into account that there is so much change no one can possibly anticipate it all. The Framework makes heavy use of several techniques originally developed for agile software development. There are constant feedback loops and guiltless opportunities to adapt to changed circumstances and new discoveries.

The methods in the framework are tried and true. They take the best proven practices from the Information Technology industry and mixes in a huge dose of the human touch. The result is powerful enough to work in any creative effort.

Use the Framework to make your successes large and your failures small AND valuable. Of course, you can continue doing things the old way, where a failure can be a catastrophe. Or worse yet, you can do nothing but dream about your Vision. Let it remain a dream. Don’t forget to dream about all the people who would have been better off if you had followed the Framework to change Dream to Reality.

If you do not have a Vision, try using this Framework for any project you want to accomplish.



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