Change Agent Characteristics


A Change Agent is someone that thrives in the current environment of massive change. He or she does that with a vehicle that harnesses the power of that change when the change’s flow is favorable. The Change Agent also has the tools to help recognize when to temporarily seek shelter from unfavorable changes. Most important, a Change Agent understands that absolute stability is an illusion.

I have spent most of the last year working on the concept of “Become a Change Agent”, drawing on my experience in the workplace. I am writing a Kindle miniseries on the subject. More about Parts One and Two at the end of this post. I was not always a Change Agent. I tried to cling to the “UsedToBes” in my business and it caused me to work harder and harder for a shrinking return. I did not learn to embrace change until I was well into my second career in Information Technology.

There are several characteristics that make anyone a Change Agent:

1.       A Change Agent holds Vision.  It is important to have and be mindful of a Vision. You need a Vision to know where you are going. Change Agents review thier Vision constantly to make sure that actions are consistent with the Vision.


2.      A Change Agent knows about change and harnesses its power.The title of Part One in my “Become a Change Agent” series is “Understanding Change. A Change Agent stays in the flow of change to amplify his or her effort. You must be able to understand the flow before you can harness it.


3.      A Change Agent is resilient. That mean he or she has the ability to persist, recover or thrive amid disruption. So do the groups that the Change Agent influence.


4.      A Change Agent inspires others, primarily by sharing an infectious Vision and expressing the appropriate amount of gratitude.


5.      A Change Agent leads by doing and example. The Change Agent does NOT sit in the corner office and bark orders!


6.      A Change Agent is able to humbly assume the role of resourceful follower when the situation arises.


7.      A Change Agent co-creates. Creative collaborations with others create strong interpersonal bonds. Unity is a powerful force for positive change!


8.     A Change Agent knows that adaptability is the new wealth.Change Agents constantly seek and choose options because they know nothing is permanent – good or bad. The ability and willingness to adapt conquers fear.


9.      A Change Agent produces more than he/she consumes. This is a cornerstone of personal responsibility. It is also the only way to ensure long-term sustainability of your customer base.

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