Inspriation from TEDx San Antonio, Part 1

Editor’s note: This week, we dive into the talks at this year’s TEDx San Antonio that inspired me personally. They are organized by category. Storytelling was a common theme in the morning session Sarah-Jane “S.J.” Murray taught us a lot … Continue reading

24 Talks at TEDx San Antonio on October 18

Editors Note: I attended TEDx San Antonio last Saturday. This was my third TEDx “main event” experience (not counting several “community” events like watch parties and Salons). Here is a report on my experience. TED is an acronym for Technology, … Continue reading

Learning and Education – The most basic Tools

The ability to learn quickly is a vital skill in this fast-changing world. Everyone must constantly learn to adapt to changing circumstances. It is important to remember that learning and education overlap but they are not the same thing.  Learning … Continue reading

Case Study – Margarita Navarrete-Hutchinson

Margarita Navarrete-Hutchinson is a Change Agent! I met her while manning the Austin Time Exchange Network booth at the first Austin Sustainable Swap (for Micro-Farmers, Crafters & generally skilled Folk). She made the Swap (aka A.S.S.) so much fun that I … Continue reading

Cryptocurrencies, Part 1 – Bitcoin

There is a new kind of electronic currency that that does not rely on a “trusted authority” such as a bank. Instead it uses cryptographic proof, so it is called cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is the best known. All of the “cryptos” … Continue reading