6 Surprising Next Economy Technologies

The technological advances that have happened so far are simply the opening act. New wonders are coming. The reason is that human knowledge is growing exponentially.  The baseline is the beginning of recorded history to 1895. Each doubling of human … Continue reading

Cryptocurrencies, Part 2 – Wallets and Alts

We covered most of the “basics” of cryptocurrencies last week by explaining how bitcoin works. The remaining “basic” topic is wallets.   Wallets They hold your coins, just like a physical wallet.  You can get a wallet for almost any … Continue reading

Cryptocurrencies, Part 1 – Bitcoin

There is a new kind of electronic currency that that does not rely on a “trusted authority” such as a bank. Instead it uses cryptographic proof, so it is called cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is the best known. All of the “cryptos” … Continue reading

3 Questions To Find Out If You Are Ready To Lead The Transition To The Next Ecomomy

Most people only find the will to change when they find themselves at the brink.  This is not leadership; it is not even being a resourceful follower. This blog isn’t really about leadership but Change Agents can’t help but lead. … Continue reading