Case Study: Diamandis Does It Again!

Change Agents create solutions that in turn change the world. This is not the first case study I have done on Peter Diamandis. He seems to be at the center of many world-changing activities. This week, he announced a new XPrize – the Global Learning XPrize. It once again proves he is Learning3more than a Change Agent, he is an enabler of Change Agents!

The purpose of the Global Learning Challenge is to develop a new learning solution to empower children and communities around the world. It will be open source scalable and android-based. The objective of the program is to allow children to teach themselves the basic “3 r’s” (reading, writing and ‘rithmatic).

The need

An estimated 250 million children around the world cannot read, write, or demonstrate basic arithmetic skills. Basic literacy skills can give these children the potential to lift themselves out of poverty. What could the future look like if millions of these young minds are unleashed to tackle the challenges our world faces?

You simply cannot scale the building of schools and the training of teachers fast enough to meet the goal of teaching basics to this many children.

The Prize

The Global Learning XPrize is 15 million dollars to be awarded in 2 phases.

Phase One

5 Finalists will receive one million dollars each for the best proposed solutions. They will be chosen by a panel of judges.

Phase Two

The grand prize of $10,000,000 will be awarded to the top performing team based on field testing of their programs.


The most important aspect is that the solution must foster autonomous learning. The program must be able to work by itself. Here are more details:

Guidelines - Interested? Her are more details

Schedule - Here are the dates when various events related to the contest will happen

How to register to compete – And here is how you can enter yourself or your team

You can participate even if you can’t code or don’t have deep pockets by joining the “Street Team“.

Learning4Good luck to everyone that gets involved! The output from this prize has the potential to be truly world changeing!


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