Am I really attached to that?

I just discovered that I’m attached to a favorite parking space. It is silly, really but I like to park in nearly the same space every day – that is one fewer item to remember.

What I discovered is that attachment to something as trivial as a parking space has unintended costs:

  • Getting to work in time to assure the spot meant leaving the house earlier that I would like.
  • I could not take my dog for a walk in the cooler morning hours. By the time I get home, it is too hot.
  • I had time for either stretching or meditation, not both
  • No time for anything other than the most basic morning routine.
  • Increased risk of getting caught in the heaviest traffic of the day.

I have written, spoken and thought about non-attachment a lot. It is very easy to form attachments even when you are cautious.

Think about the simple attachments in your life. Do they have hidden costs?






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