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Our mission is to help people learn to thrive in the current environment of massive, chaotic change by becoming Change Agents. I want to find, create and nurture communities of Change Agents and Leaders.

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Cliff Collard’s work as the Change Agent leverages his 12 years in IT (as a subject matter expert in Change Management, ITIL – the Information Technology Infrastructure Library and the Remedy Suite of tools). He also spent nearly 2 decadIMG_6334-2es as the owner/operator of a chain of retail businesses. It also mixes in his knowledge of history, economics, finance, politics, yoga and philosophy with his experience in IT and business to create the Change Agent: Foundation.

Cliff was born in Borger, Texas. He attended Missouri Military Academy, the Instituto de Estudios Iberamericanos and Admiral Farragut Academy; earning many honors including the position of Executive Officer of 1st Company with a rank of LT(JG).

Cliff earned six years’ credits at Baylor University in his four years there. He graduated with a BBA Economics and Information Systems. He was best known for his political activism. His political philosophy has always been libertarian-leaning, even as a founding member of the Young Conservatives of Texas.

After graduation, he worked briefly at Houston Natural Gas (a predecessor of ENRON) before joining his family business, a chain of Liquor and Convenience Stores. He served as CEO throughout the 1990s, until the sale of the chain in early 2001. During his time in Borger, he married Karen Murphy, was a member of the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary International and Chaired the Hutchinson County Libertarian Party.

Cliff and Karen moved to Austin, TX in 2002, diving into the high-tech community. He has held positions of increasing responsibility with 4 Enterprise-class companies, 2 startups, a Minority-owned business and the Texas Department of Information Resources. He has 9 technical certifications. Cliff has done formal collaborative work (aka co-creation) with 6 partnering organizations.

Cliff and Karen moved to San Antonio, TX in 2013.

In addition, he has been active in at least 10 organizations that focus on technology, futurism and idea generation. Cliff is a yoga practitioner and lover of water sports. His enthusiasm extends to Central Texas, the Guadalupe River and live music.

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