50 Posts and Counting!

This is the 50th post. We want to take a moment to look at the past, present and future of this blog.

Here are some of the milestones:

May 1 Change Agent Publications moved here from blogspot after a year of regular posts.
June 26 Published Framework for Change: Become a Change Agent Part 3
July 22-Sept 30 We moved from Austin to San Antonio, Texas. This was a surprisingly difficult move that yielded many life lessons. The posts mostly chronicled the lessons learned.
October 4 First post of the Constitution No Longer Applies series. It was largely about how the old infrastructure has ceased functioning as intended.
December 27 First post of the Dangers of the Debt, Derivatives and Deceit series. This series talks about the biggest traps of the Industrial age. There are several variations to this danger.
March 18 We committed to weekly posts and have met that commitment so far.
April 3 First post of the Next Economy series
June 26 Introduction of the monthly profile of Change Agents in action
July 10 First post of the Abundance series
August 7 First post of the Change Agent: Tools series


The Become A Change Agent books are about leaning to thrive in all the massive change going on in the world. They cover change basics and 2 of the key parts of the vehicle, Vision and Framework.

The posts through mid-year chronicle thinking about where we need to go with the vehicle.

Tools are also part of the Change Agent Vehicle. There are a lot of them, most only apply in special circumstances and the phrase “new and improved” certainly applies. We will be covering them for the next several months.

Looking forward, the current infrastructure is not working. We are waking from the dream of the industrial age in large part because it was founded on principles that no longer apply (cheap energy and economies of scale). We see it in diminishing returns on military, sick care, education – obvious even if we are skip over or “cost shift” important measurements like impact on people and the planet!

Stay tuned, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!


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