3 Questions To Find Out If You Are Ready To Lead The Transition To The Next Ecomomy

Most people only find the will to change when they find themselves at the brink.  This is not leadership; it is not even being a resourceful follower.Leaders1

This blog isn’t really about leadership but Change Agents can’t help but lead. It’s our nature! The primary role for Change Agents today is leading the transition.

Test: Are You Ready To Lead?

The transition to the New Economy will be demanding for all of us. Those who lead others must adopt a transition mindset to get there. Do you have that mindset?

Here is a simple test:

1.       Question: Where are you looking to anticipate the next change to your business model or your life?

          Correct answer: on your calendar.

          You can find leaders of the transition in traditional roles in the Old Economy but they are actively redefining those roles.

2.       Question: What is the diversity measure of your personal network?

           Correct answer: Your capacity to develop relationships with people that are VERY different to you is vital to achieve your shared goals.

           Diversity widens your pattern for identifying solutions at greater levels. It takes great empathy to build such a network.

3.       Question: Are you courageous enough to abandon a practice that has made you successful in the past? 

           Correct Answer: Yes, when I have conviction that the new way will disrupt the old paradigms.

           Leaders develop the emotional stamina that allows them to resist criticism. They are not afraid to cannibalize parts of the Old Economy to build the New Economy.

Always in Training

Great leaders are constantly in training, just like any professional athlete.  Here are some guidelines:

  • Relying on traditional development practices will stunt you.
  • Prepare for realities of today and possibilities of tomorrow, not the comfort of yesterday 
  • Constantly look for new “shades of grey” and that realize the duality of black and white are Old Economy models.

Thanks to Roselinde Torres. Her November 2013 TED Talk is the source of most of these ideas.

How are you leading the way to the Next Economy?




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