3 New Words for Change Agents

I read Wired Magazine regularly. There is a regular monthly article named “Jargon Watch” which defines new words that have been recently created. Here are 3 words that need to become a part of every Change Agent’s vocabulary:

New Words


Someone, something or some idea that regularly solves a problems in new or unexpected ways. The new way is so different from the old that it causes a “paradigm shift”. It is a combination of the words solution and revolutionary. A solutionary is builder, not a destroyer.


A system of organization where leadership and reward flow to those who have demonstrated skill or proficiency. Organizations need to put infrastructure in place that rewards proficiency with advancement. Most Industrial age organizations only reward merit to a point – political prowess is more frequently rewarded than merit, especially in the ranks of the senior management.


The belief that something/someone is believed to be reliable, good, honest and effective. Trustworthy means having earned the right to be relied upon. Here is my post from June 12 for more on the subject of Trust.

Old Word to downplay

On the subject of words, here is a word that needs to be overcome because it has been used to oppress us. It is a key word from the Myth of the Industrial Age that needs to be downplayed:


The belief that there are fewer goods, services or resources than there is demand for them. Most Economic theory in existence about the assumptions used to allocate scarce resources in the most efficient manner. We are finding that more things are not scarce!

How can you use these words?

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